We truly believe in the power of collaboration and Open Source in advancing our field of expertise and developing great software. Worldwide available software that can be improved by any passionate engineer can really make impact in the world around us and shape the future of society. Instead of just using open source, we actively want to contribute to the open source community.

We therefore support our engineers to work on Open Source projects in the following ways:


At Info Support we spend working hours on developing Open Source projects and bringing them to the next level.


We promote our Open Source projects wherever possible through marketing and exposure in the community.


Through hackathons and other fun initiatives, our employees directly contribute to open source projects.


Open Source engineers are assisted regarding licensing, intellectual property and other legality issues.

Open Source Projects


With Stryker, mutation testing finally arrives at the JavaScript world. It takes the best practices of existing mutation testing frameworks like PIT and Humbug, but with the open mentality of nodejs and the web. This is why Stryker is not a test runner or test framework.


Augurk is a work-in-progress living documentation system created especially to be used in conjunction with SpecFlow and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Augurk provides an accessible, easy-to-use overview of all the features describing your application(s).

''Stryker continually helps to unveil useless tests and covered-but-not-really-tested code!''

Bjorn Kimminich - Project Leader OWASP

''Open Source development is about creating impact. It accelerates software development and brings our industry forward in delivering greater impact''

Bas Meerman - Manager Info Support

Open Source Engineers

Simon de Lang

Mark Taling

Nico Jansen

Maarten Mulders

Alex van Assem

Edwin van Wijk

Willem Meints

Peter Toonen

Jonathan Mezach

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